What to watch for on defense The Los Angeles Chargers

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What to watch for on defense The Los Angeles Chargers

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Philip Rivers Is Easily a Hall of Fame Quarterback After starting off 0-4 Youth Melvin Ingram Jersey , Philip Rivers surged back. Rivers, the Chargers’ undisputed starter since 2006, rallied the Chargers back to winning ways. In all, the Chargers won 8 of their last 12 games in 2017, finishing 9-7 to cap off the season. But once again Rivers’ combination of cheerleading on the sidelines and on-field heroics were in vain. The Chargers didn’t make the playoffs. They haven’t since 2013.Nonetheless Rivers played better than you think. The 36 year old quarterback threw for 96 passer rating, 28 touchdowns and only 10 interceptions in 2017. Good enough to rank Rivers 9th, 5th and 9th among NFL QBs in these metrics respectively. But perhaps even more improtantly, Rivers logged 7.9 yards per attempt (Y/PA)and 7.60 Net Adjusted Yards Per Attempt (ANY/A), two of the better metrics that help us isolate QB efficiency. Indeed, 2017 Rivers easily bested quarterbacks like Ben Roethlisberger and Eli Manning, in spite of the 4 Super Bowls between them. How? Well, in QB efficiency of course: passer rating, yards per attempt and net yards per attempt. In fact http://www.chargersauthorizedshops.com/authentic-brandon-mebane-jersey , Rivers’ career numbers in these categories match up with some of the best quarterbacks in NFL History.His career passer rating? An absurdly good 94.6, ranked 8th best all-time. Just behind Peyton Manning. His Y/PA? 11th of all time, ahead of Peyton Manning. His ANY/A? 7th, behind only quarterbacks like Tom Brady, Drew Brees and Russell Wilson.All the aforementioned quarterbacks are going to the Hall of Fame—so shouldn’t Rivers go too?Sure, they’ve all won Super Bowls cementing their status as future Hall of Famers, but Dan Marino never won that prize and still has a golden jacket.The numbers show that Rivers has outperformed expectations in almost every way. The big red dog is the room is Rivers’ lack of playoff success, but that can be attributed as much to lack of franchise support than lack of ability on River’s part. To compare, Matt Ryan routinely goes to the playoffs with his talented stable of weapons (basically Julio Jones). Yet Ryan has a lower career passing rating, YPA and ANY/A than Rivers. This basic analysis shows us how underrated Philip Rivers is.The calculus alsoshows us that Rivers is on another level to Matt Ryan, a good quarterback in his own right.River’s incredible overperformance—without studs like Julio Jones to help—lends credence to River’s efficiency rankings that sit on par with Peyton Manning, and ahead potential Hall of Famers’ like Big Ben and Eli Manning. So say it with me, “Philip Rivers is easily a Hall of Fame quarterback.”Derwin James Showing Leadership Tyrell Williams Jersey , Melvin Ingram Says “Not Just Yet.” It was almost immediate for the rest of his teammates to feel his presence when he stepped on the football field. He also wasted zero time displaying the many traits that preceded him when he picked off a Philip Rivers pass in the end zone during the team’s recent three-day minicamp. From his position coach to the stars of the team, everyone has something positive to say about the Chargers’ first-round draft pick.Defensive backs coach Ron Milus can’t seem to stop gushing about the young safety out of Florida State. “Obviously he has the physical traits — the size and speed. But I think the biggest thing that really sold me is that this is a man’s man. He’s a professional and you can sense that when you talk to him.”However, veteran outside linebacker Melvin Ingram didn’t mince words when asked about James being a leader already. “He’s out there doing what he’s supposed to do and making plays, but you don’t come in and do a three-day minicamp and some OTAs and become a leader. That’s not how it works. You’ve got to out your time in the right way.”I personally like to see a veteran member of the team pump the breaks on James before his head has a chance to inflate. I like the attitude from Ingram as he isn’t afraid to speak his mind to the media, regardless if it comes off in a negative light towards the rookie. It should only further nurture the “haven’t earned anything yet” attitude that this team has embraced under Anthony Lynn.Ingram’s bookend on the defensive line, third-year star Joey Bosa, trumpeted a different tune when asked about James.“Watching him move around and the type of body he has, I think he’s a really rangy, long athlete, and the way he covers ground is impressive to me.”Even with all the chatter, James has been able to keep his head on straight. He’s chosen to stay in town throughout the break in order to get comfortable with his new surroundings.Up to this point, James seems to be making all the right choices and I would be surprised if he doesn’t reap the benefits.

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